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Control Ejaculation while Massage

1. Withholding ejaculation to release endorphins- the “feel good” hormones Endorphins are opiate like brain chemicals that diminish pain and generate feelings of well being. When ejaculation occurs before these endorphins have had a chance to be transmuted throughout the whole entire body a man will rip deprive himself off from its of their wonderful pleasure and health benefits. When that happens a man usually feels tired and depleted after ejaculating. coming. In some extreme cases he may even feel depressed for hours, or even for days afterwards. at a time. This condition is known as post coital syndrome. The time that it takes before the sexual hormones get transformed while flooding the body with their rejuvenating properties may vary. Health and fitness level, age, lifestyle, and whether ejaculation happens occurs through masturbation or sexual intercourse will play a definite part for in the way that this alchemy to will take place. As a start beginning to assist in withholding delaying ejaculation, practice deep abdominal breathing, preferably thorough the nose. Deep abdominal breathing will help release unnecessary tensions which causing cause energy stagnation, while also helping to relax into the build up of arousal. Get Aroused Arouse- Stop – Relax - Breathe Deep -Squeeze ( the whole pelvic floor) - Release and Start Begin again. 2. Massaging the prostate to increase potency and produce more powerful orgasms 
Prostate diseases are epidemic. The majority of men will develop an enlarged prostate (BPH/ Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) within their lifetime. Sometime leading to cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading cancer on in males. Prostate disorders may lead to impotence, reduced ability to gain and hold erections, weak ejaculations and poor sexual performances. performance. The prostate which is responsible for ejaculation. Premature ejaculation usually indicates a weakness of the prostate. Could Can this be avoided? Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners would recommend direct stimulation of the prostate on a regular basis in order to keep the prostate healthy. It was recommended not only to improve the health of the prostate but also to increase potency and to produce more powerful orgasms. Specifically designed Prostate Self Massagers Tools are now available on the market to help facilitate your practice. Whether you do the massage on yourself or you enjoy receiving this massage from a professional erotic massage practitioner or a dedicated skillful lover, make sure you take your time, breathe deeply, relax, and use lots of lubricant! Sexual Educator and international Sacred Sex Teacher Maryse Cote has helped thousands of individuals and couples over the past 20 years to enhance with enhancing awareness on of the union of Sexuality and Spirituality, of Love and Sex and Intimacy and Relationships. Through her school, Ishtara Seminars, she offers certification training in Tantra & Sexual Healing. Ejaculation control through tantric massage Ejaculation Control Through Tantric Massage and the Practice of Tantra There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy from a good Tantric massage treatment; among those benefits are the improved sexual energy and better control over your sexual drive. As a result, you can master ejaculation control and improve the overall sexual experience greatly, even beyond the boundaries of your Tantric massage session. Basic Tantra and Lingam Massage The easiest way to master the control of ejaculation and sexual energy is by combining our basic Tantric massage treatment with the utterly sensual Lingam massage. The Tantric goddess will guide you through breathing techniques and the basic principles of Tantra to help you be in completely harmony with yourself. As your chakra and sexual energy is improved, you can enter the Lingam massage treatment fully prepared. The Tantric goddess will then stimulate your Lingam - the male penis as known to Tantra - with a series of strokes and soft touches. The pleasure that can be derived from this experience is truly breathtaking. Upon reaching the point of orgasm, the Tantric goddess will then step back and guide you through applying the breathing techniques mastered earlier. This will help you control your ejaculation and prolong orgasm while at the same time improve your sexual energy perpetually. The Yoni Massage Lingam massage is specifically designed for male Tantra practitioners. Women who want to master the art of prolonging their orgasm and increasing the sexual energy can rely on Yoni massage instead. Similar to the Lingam massage, Yoni massage is designed to focus on the pelvic region, especially the Yoni or vagina. The treatment produces not only a stunning array of sensations but also a heightened level of orgasm altogether. Throughout the session, you will learn more about how to control sexual energy and improve the quality of your orgasm. At the end of the session, you will have all the knowledge you need to apply the same techniques while having an intimate sexual activity. Mastering the Ultimate Level of Ejaculation Control A series of Lingam massage session can help achieve more than just sexual energy improvements. As you learn more about Tantra and the practice of Lingam massage itself, you will also be able to master the ultimate level of ejaculation control. The effect of this particular knowledge is simply profound. You can have a better sex life in general now that you have what it takes to make your partner happier than ever. There is no need to worry about sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction because you are the unparalleled master of your own sexual drive and energy. Achieving More Than Just Ejaculation Control As mentioned earlier, the series of rituals designed to help you control ejaculation also brings a number of other benefits. For starters, you can improve the quality of orgasm greatly; keep in mind that Tantric orgasm is already hundreds of times better than normal orgasm, and you can achieve such level of pleasure anytime you want by taking your time and having a series of Tantric rituals scheduled accordingly. Although very exciting and sensual by nature, Lingam and Yoni massage are also very relaxing. Paired with other Tantric rituals, it is very easy to deal with problems such as stress and depression with the help of these treatments. The treatments can also help you improve your self-esteem, which in return will greatly improve the quality of your life in general. You are worshiped by our Tantric goddesses throughout the therapy sessions; the ultimate feeling of being spiritually connected is an experience you would not want to miss. Schedule a session today and experience just how spectacular the Tantric massage session can be. You will master the true art of ejaculation control in no time at all with the help of our trained Tantric goddesses.

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