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Couple Massage

A day at the spa with your honey can be a relaxing treat for you both. Many spas accommodate couples with special rooms designed for two and treatments that can be received in tandem. Read on to learn more about couples massage, and find out how you can get the most out of this romantic treatment. What is couples massage? The term “couples massage” simply refers to any treatment that’s performed on two people at the same time. Any style of massage can be made into a couples massage, but the most popular is the traditional Swedish treatment. During a couples massage, the duo shares a private room with two massage tables. However, each person gets his or her own therapist for the treatment. The experience is just like getting a traditional massage except you get to share it with someone you care about. Most couples massages require patrons to be nude, just like many other kinds of massages at the spa. Usually, the therapists will take both people into their treatment room for an initial consultation. The therapists will ask about each person’s needs and what they hope to accomplish with the massage session. Then, the therapist will leave the room as the couple undresses and each person slips under sheets on their separate tables. The therapists will reenter after knocking and begin the massage. During the treatment, the two people will be near enough to look at one another and talk to each other if they wish. It can be quite an intimate experience. After the massage is finished, the therapists will leave the room and allow the patrons to dress. Sometimes, a couple’s massage is part of an all-day spa package for two. In these cases, the private massage room is often reserved for the couple for the entire day. There might be a whirlpool and shower available in the room as well. After the massage, the duo can enjoy time basking in the hot tub and taking in the scenery. Who should get couples massages? Due to its intimate nature, couples massages should be reserved for romantically involved pairs and very close friends. Don’t get this treatment with anyone you might be uncomfortable around; you will have to undress in front of the other person. A couple’s massage is the ideal treatment for a seriously involved duo looking for a romantic escape. It’s probably not an appropriate activity for a second date. How to get the most out of a couples’ treatment If you’re interested in spending the entire day at the spa, know that there are other treatments you can enjoy with your significant other in addition to massage. Many spas offer couples’ packages, which include dual massages, facials, and body treatments. Hydrotherapy services in tandem are also a popular choice; with this treatment, you both soak in a relaxing bath big enough for two. You could also plan to relax using the spa’s other facilities, like hot tubs, saunas, plunge pools, sunning areas, or lounges. So if you want to stretch your spa time, plan more than just the dual massage. Where to get couples massage Not all spas offer couples massage. Some facilities don’t have enough space to put two massage tables into one private room. Day spas are most likely to have this problem; therefore, only the largest day spas tend to offer couples treatments. Most resort spas list couples massage among their offerings, as do many hotel spas in posh locations. Couples massage is often part of a romantic getaway or honeymoon, so it makes sense that vacation locales would offer the service most frequently. In any case, however, it’s a good idea to call the spa and see if they can accommodate a dual massage. Reservations for couples’ massages tend to be required well in advance of the treatment date. There is usually only one room suitable for the treatment on site, and the spa must have two therapists available for the service as well. That said, if you’re interested in a couple’s massage at a popular location, reserve your treatment as soon as you can. Take-away tips Couples massage is an intimate way to share a relaxing spa experience with your loved one. Don’t plan to have a couple’s treatment with anyone you may be uncomfortable around. The treatment will require you to undress in front of the other person. Get the most out of your couples massage by booking other paired treatments at the spa. Many facilities offer packages for couples that not only include massages, but also facials, body scrubs, and other services. Not all spas offer couples treatments due to a lack of space. Call the spas in your area to find out which facilities offer dual massages if you’re interested. Book your couples massage well in advance, especially if you want to get the treatment in a popular location.

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