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Yoni Lingam Massage with Hot Video

Yoni and Lingam Massage Massage Session Feeling good about yourself may be quite alien to some people who have had negative experiences in life, but I’ve got news for you – a tantric massage can change all that very quickly! Our experienced masseuses are experts in the “feel good” industry and they take great pride in their work of helping people to achieve their greatest potential. By taking the time and effort to introduce you to the sensual world of Tantra, our Goddesses will lead you into a world where you can be anything you want to be at the same time as experiencing a dizzy array of wonderful feelings, to the point of complete fulfilment. This deep pleasure is not the sole domain of those who have everything; anyone can let themselves be cosseted and pampered to the point of arousal and beyond. Our Goddesses will show you the way to reach that point of complete relation and fulfilment as your journey unfolds. Starting point For many people who have never experienced a massage of any kind, there may be a few nerves at first. Tantric massage requires you to take a short shower before the massage to ensure you are ready and help get you into a relaxed frame of mind. This association will quickly switch off your work brain and lead you into relaxation mode. When finished you will find your room warm and comfortable and as ambient music plays in the background you will feel your mind and body start to enjoy the process and relax. Every Tantric massage session is a little different, and different masseuses will also have different specialties and different ways of weaving their magic, but you can be sure that they are all expertly trained to bring you deep waves of pleasure. On the couch Once you have started to relax, your masseuse will talk to you in quiet tones and will explain what she will do. She will ask your opinion about things you like and don’t like and you should be honest at this point. She will use oil to lubricate your body and then start to make small massage strokes. These will vary in intensity and touch, and you may find a feather-like touch is followed by a deep rolling movement. Your masseuse may also use other kinds of items to create different sensations on your skin, which will produce a different set of feelings again. Your arousal of senses will start to emerge and you should not hold back on that creative process as the energy will start to build. You will be encouraged to use your breathing in a way that helps to prolong the wonderful feelings that flow throughout your body, and this will also help you to delay ejaculation. Getting rid of your worries Some people may be anxious or worried on the first occasion, and this is perfectly normal and understandable as any new experience is sure to create such a state of mind. However, once you have started to relax you will find your worries subsiding as they are quickly replaced by wonderful feelings of sexual arousal. If you have never had another person physically create these feelings in your body, you may feel a little cautious, but as your masseuse is very experienced she will be aware of exactly what point of your journey you are on and she will encourage you to relax and enjoy the erotic experience that is unfolding. There is nothing that she hasn’t seen or heard before so if you find yourself emotional or overwhelmed, as can sometimes happen, particularly if this is the first time you have ever felt this kind of intensity in an erotic situation, let your feeling and emotions flow. Tantra teaches that the body is to be respected as well as the mind and spiritual aspects. This means that all feelings, thoughts and emotions are valid and should be honoured as an integral part of who you are. Coming down After your massage has been completed, your masseuse is likely to leave you to ejaculate for a short time before taking care of it. This is another way of honouring the body’s message and is no cause for alarm. By this point, you will be wallowing in that wonderful afterglow and allowing the vibrant energy to complete its course. You will feel extremely happy and fulfilled and after a good interval you will be encouraged to get ready to leave. This process is never rushed as it forms an integral part of the overall Tantric massage experience. Following the Tantric massage session you may feel as if you are walking on air. Some people love the exhilarating feelings it gives them; others love the vulnerability it creates. Whatever you are looking to express, Tantric massage will help you to find that through your full senses. The days following... Sexual energy is a very potent energy and this has long been recognized by mystics and philosophers, which is why many religions choose to try to stifle and suppress it. However, Tantra recognizes sexual energy as a part of the complete body of mankind and as such allows individuals to harness it for spiritual and physical pleasure. It has the potential to create experiences that allow the mind to expand and spiritual progression to be experienced and by releasing endorphins into the body, you will find you feel good for quite some time. For some people, this feeling goes on for a few days; with others, it can be longer. However, long it lasts for you use the energy to create more positive resolutions in your life and enjoy the freedom of self-expression it gives you. Tantric massage has the ability to completely transform lives if you choose to let it. You may decide that you want to build up a relationship with your masseuse and by doing this you will create ever increasingly mystical and physically fulfilling erotic experiences. Many people find one masseuse that they blend energies with very well, and you may find this is the case. However, if you choose to try a different masseuse, you will find that she is just as experienced and she may produce a different experience! Yoni & Lingam Massage Tantric massage celebrates the whole of the body and that includes the genital areas of both men and women having the massage. As Tantric massage is an Eastern philosophy, many of the words used are Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word that refers to the male penis is lingam, which loosely interpreted means “wand of light.” The female genital area, the vagina and vulva areas are called the yoni, which loosely translated means “sacred opening” or “sacred temple.” This demonstrates the reverence with which the genitals are held in this belief system and as such they are treated with the same kind of respect as the rest of the body during the massage. No area is left uncrossed, as to do that would be to dishonour a part of the body, and the whole idea is that the whole of the body and its urges, emotions and responses are divine. Lingam massage Massage of the lingam is generally performed as part of the whole Tantric massage, unless you specifically don’t want this to happen. Not many people choose to refuse this option. Those of you uninitiated into the Tantric ways may think this is just another word for masturbation or a hand job, but you’d be wrong. Massage of the lingam is taken with the same careful dedication as the rest of the body and your masseuse will use a variety to different strokes and touches, just as she does with the rest of the body. It is likely that the lingam massage will result in ejaculation, so you should expect this will happen. However, your masseuse will teach you to prolong the special moment by working with you in a series of breathing exercises specifically designed to help you completely enter the moment with mind and body. You will be very well aware of the arousal effects of the lingam massage and as the massage techniques on your lingam are not continuous you will be able to draw in the sensual energy and experience it in a way that doesn’t generally happen with intercourse. Yoni massage Many women enjoy Tantric massage just as much as men. As women are generally more inhibited around sexuality, whether that is due to upbringing, environments, life circumstances or any other reason, they can find it a little more difficult on a practical level to fully relax and succumb to a sensual massage carried out by another woman. In addition, a yoni massage is a little more intimate still and it may take more courage and trust before allowing this. This is perfectly usual and your masseuse is very much aware of the amount of trust and eye contact that is required to enable a woman to relax fully. After all, the yoni is the most intimate part of the body and women are more familiar with men interacting with them. However, by allowing yourself to gain arousal in this way through the expert touch of your masseuse, you will be able to develop a more intimate relationship and knowledge with yourself. The sexual energy that is built up through a yoni massage can be quite intense and this can release a backlog of emotional feeling that has been suppressed. Not all yoni massages will include digital penetration and if you are not ready for this step your masseuse will understand. However, when it is performed you will truly feel the effects that such liberation can bring. This will increase your confidence and will build your ability to form good sexual relationships. Understanding more about your own needs and how they can be met is just one of the areas that is helped through yoni massage. Discovering the joy of Tantric massage is to discover the intimate parts of your own body. This makes you a more balanced and rounded person and once you are aware of the totality of your body and the interconnection with your spiritual nature, you will continue to forge links and build a stronger energy life force. Tantric massage not only gives you the tools to do this, but it also allows you to move forward with renewed confidence that shines in your everyday life too. What will you discover about yourself?

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