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Tantrik Massage

Our Tantric massage session is created to give you a taste of the Eastern wisdom of Tantra. It starts from sitting on the floor; your goddess will use her body, hands and warm breath to worship you from head to toe. She will lead you to the massage table, using powder, warm oil, and her hands and body to give you a body to body massage. This will build up your sexual energy. She will then turn you over and give you the lingam massage. By using traditional Tantric breathing techniques, you will learn to control your sexual energy, until getting intensive deep pleasure at the end of the session. (This is our basic 60 minute tantric massage step by step guide). During a Tantric massage you will apply the ejaculation control technique. During the session, while your Goddess gives you a lingam massage, she will teach you traditional Tantric breathing techniques and PC (Crutia Perinea) muscle squeezing to hold your sexual power. Through ejaculation control, your sexual energy will go up and down, your inner sensual energy is aroused and made to flow, spread and radiate through you whole body. This creates an expanded state of pleasure. Benefits of Tantric Massage Tantric Massage allows you to experience belonging to yourself. Our massage will incite a slow and gentle build-up of energy that will infuse your whole being. Tantric massage can be used to address specific issues such as fear of sex, recurring patterns in intimate relationships, or loss of love. You can come to explore the wonders of Tantra in a setting where the attention is focused on your particular interests and desires. You’ll benefit from guidance and practice and can introduce your new discoveries into your everyday life. Other fundamental aspects of the tantric massage include reconnecting with the scope of your natural sensuality. For most clients, this is an exceptionally moving experience of heightened sensitivity and enjoyment. The Tantric massage also includes movement meditations to facilitate the flow of sexual energy through the entire body. This promotes health and well-being and supports the whole body orgasm experience. Traditional Tantric breathing practices are taught to bring you in tune with your Chakras; the energy centres in the body and to create harmony within yourself and between you and your partner. Tantric Massage and Premature Ejaculation Premature ejaculation is not new to men, many have experienced it at some time in life. There are many reasons for this; the primary cause is sexual dysfunction, sexual desire disorder or suppression of sexual activity. These dysfunctions and disorders can lead to impotency in later life. Tantra is different from other traditions because it takes the whole person and his/her worldly desires into account. Other spiritual traditions ordinarily teach that desire for material pleasures and spiritual aspirations are mutually exclusive, setting the stage for an endless internal struggle. Although most people are drawn into spiritual beliefs and practices, they have a natural urge to fulfil their desires. With no way to reconcile these two impulses, they fall prey to guilt and self-condemnation or become hypocritical. Tantra offers an alternative path. Tantra believes that sexual energy is the root energy of life; it is thought that there is a suppression of sexual energy flow within lower energy centres (known as Chakras). A Tantric massage therapist will help you work with your Chakra's to align them, this will clear your energy blockages, enabling you to experience fuller and extended pleasure. There is no doubt that our mind plays a very powerful role in conducting the way our body works. So, many clients prefer holistic approach rather than medicinal remedies. With this in mind, we concentrate on number of areas such as mental focus, meditation and breathing techniques to achieve the ultimate sexual experience. We will teach you sexual control and help you release your sexual urges and energies. Tantric Massage London will explore a number of techniques that have been used for years in the Far & Middle East. These techniques are not only beneficial but also intensely sensual. You can practise them with your partner or even on your own. What to expect from our Tantric Massage London Session Sacred Space: Our studio is a relaxed, ambient, safe and sacred place where you will be able to explore the power of tantric moment. It is a spiritual heaven in this busy, fast-paced Morden city. Tantra Meditation: At the beginning and end of session, your Goddess guides you through meditation to create very special moments of deep connection with yourself and with the divine. Chakra Balancing: It includes a diagnosis and rebalancing of Chakras (the energies of the body), transforming the sexual energy from your root Chakra to you heart Chakra to your crown Chakra. Sexuality of your emotional and spiritual being will balance all your energy levels. Teaching of Relaxation Breathing: using breathing techniques to teach you how to step out of your busy mind and be in your own body; fully at one with your heart, sensations, feelings and emotions. Sensual and Erotic Massage: performing a slow gentle and sensual all over body massage using beautiful, smooth, non scented oil. The therapist will use subtle touch, body connection and movement to slowly arouse your senses. Touching your internal energy, working your entire body and amatory teasing of your senses will bring you explosive pleasure. Nude Body to Body massage: Imagine the feeling of nude bodies caressing and rubbing across your body, arousing every sense and sensual emotion, to create an intense desire that needs your Tantric touch. Prostate Massage: The prostate is the male accessory sex gland, which means it plays a helpful role in ejaculatory function. When it is massaged, it produces male hormone; testosterone leading to greater pleasure. It has been known to aid ejaculation when stimulated. This massage explores the male G-spot, helping you discover intense pleasure and a powerful tool to help with premature ejaculation. Many have never experienced this type of massage; it is a very tender and personal area and needs to be conducted using the right timing and techniques. Our professional therapists will perform the massage slowly and gently. Lingam massage: A sensual and erotic massage for the male intimate area including the testicles, perineum and the sacred spot of phallus. The Lingam Massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side; this will allow you to release all sexual energy through a full body orgasmic release. Feel pure, intense pleasure that you have never felt before. Ejaculation Control: During the erotic lingam treatment, you’ll be taught how to use secret techniques for heightening and prolonging pleasure, for increased power, vitality and longevity. This is especially beneficial for premature ejaculation problems. The Yoni Massage: The Yoni Massage is a sensual way to offer pleasure to the female sacred area. This involves massage of the female divine passage and sacred spot, helping you understand the pleasures of The Yoni. During this massage you will learn how to give pleasure and prolonged orgasm to your female partner through Yoni methods.

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