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Sensual massage is a form of massage which is designed to increase intimacy between people in a relationship. This intimate massage is usually performed in the environment of the home by people who are in a relationship with each other. Unfortunately, “sensual massage” is sometimes used as a code word for sexual services and this concept is sometimes misinterpreted as a result; in point of fact, whether performed at home or in a spa, massage is not intended to be sexual in nature.
In a sensual massage, the goal is to developer deeper emotional connections with a partner. After a sensual massage, both partners should feel closer and more comfortable with each other. The massage techniques used can vary; partners can develop their own massage moves, integrate techniques from various massage traditions, and even take couples massage classes which are taught by professional massage therapists who provide people with tools which can be used in sensual massage. Sensual massage is designed to be relaxing. At the end of the massage, both partners should feel calmer and more at ease.

While the partners may trade massages with each other, the massages are usually performed at different times so that someone who has just received a massage does not have to emerge from a highly relaxed state into the more focused state of massage giver. Touch in general tends to encourage deeper emotional connections as well as making people feel more relaxed. In sensual massage, there is a focus on maintaining constant physical contact throughout the massage and on massaging the whole body. People can use aids such as massage oil or cream, although these are not necessarily required, and sensual massage can also be performed fully clothed if partners feel more comfortable that way. Massage tools such as exfoliating gloves or aids to assist with deeper massage work can also be incorporated into a sensual massage. People can also focus on specific areas of the body with massage. For example, some couples may enjoy giving foot massages at the end of the day to relieve stress. Likewise, partners may massage each other's necks or backs to address tension, reserving full body massage for special occasions. Every couple may have its own approach to massage. There are not any methods which are necessarily wrong or right or any prescribed length for a sensual massage. However, people should be careful to avoid injuring each other. If a massage is painful, the pressure should be reduced, and people who have not had formal training should avoid deep muscle work because they can inadvertently cause injury.

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