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Erotic Massage Techniques

Erotic massage techniques are tremendously helpful in helping relax during sexual activities. It is very important to understand that sex is not simply about intercourse. A tense and caught up body is very unlikely to be able to enjoy intercourse, leave alone culminating in an orgasm. Even books like Kama Sutra that date back to ancient civilizations, lays immense stress on using these massages in order to stimulate the right nerves and excite the person sexually. It is of course important to locate the right muscles to press, but great attention needs to be given to the amount of pressure too. Mostly it is advised that one begins by softer and slower motions and then slowly builds up the rhythm of the massage. While one can start from almost anywhere on the body, most people like to begin from the shoulders and the neck. These areas are highly sensitive and are known to suffer from caught muscles very often. Learning to loosen up these muscles helps in relaxing the entire body. Working down along the spine to the tail bone area and then gradually to the inner thighs helps slowly and steadily give the massage an erotic turn. It will help to continue right down to the feet and the toes in order to relax the entire body and then gradually substitute the mouth instead of the hands and work upwards again though from the front of the body this time. However, there are no strict given rules and one can customize as need be.

Apart from the massage technique that you do adopt, keep in mind that certain props can be used also and they add greatly to the experience. Essential oils like lavender etc are known to work very well in erotic massages while some people like to use other items like melted chocolates or even squishy fruits.

Massage techniques to massage techniques to even ice cube techniques, almost any style can be adopted. The idea is to relax and slowly drop your inhibitions so that one can immerse oneself in the act completely and therefore reap the benefits of the intercourse techniques. Innovation is the name of the game here.

The massage techniques differ from person to person and therefore what may be considered sensual for one person may not be so for another. Keep in mind that experimenting and communicating in order to let your partner know how the massage is affecting you will go a long way in benefiting from it.

Those who suffer from sexual problems like premature ejaculation or even erectile dysfunctions can benefit greatly from these massages. Indeed learning erotic massage techniques can boost your sex life immensely and reading on books or even seeking profession help in the area is known to help greatly in achieving this task.

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