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Intercourse Positions Techniques

Intercourse positions can greatly influence the pleasures associated with sex. Some positions are known to allows a better entry and stimulate both the partners optimally. It is no surprise then that most men and women like to add spice to their sex life by trying out new positions. The more common positions that find their way easily into the bedroom are the missionary style, the doggie style, the cowgirl pose and the scissors. However, there is no limit to these positions. One need not follow a beaten path and almost anything, which the partners are game for, is good enough to be followed. For those who find that their sex lives could use some innovation, reading up on books like the age old Kama sutra will help tremendously. This ancient Indian book is full of several techniques that can help in optimizing the pleasures of sex. Right from teachings on how to stimulate and excite your partner to the actual act of intercourse, there is information to be found in every arena. This ancient art of love making helps men and women learn about kissing, biting, marking, oral sex and a lot more. It also has tips on how men can learn ejaculation control and thereby last longer in bed.

The intercourse position you choose to begin with need not necessarily be the one you end up with. The book helps learn how one can slide from one pose into the other without breaking the rhythm of the activity. There is information available on the pace of thrusting that helps excite the partner too. Since the author of book believed that love making involves part hormonal yearning and is in part an acquired skill, it helps a person learn the art of love making by understanding the step by step descriptions as well as the graphics and them putting them into practice. Women who find entry too painful can learn to enjoy sex by adopting positions described in the Kama sutra that allow for smoother entry. Learning about self lubrication will also come into play here in order to make the task less painful.

Intercourse positions for pregnant women have also been described in the book. It also helps in learning the art of matching bodies in order to maximize the stimulation provided to the sexual organs. Amazingly these positions also help in achieving stronger orgasms.

When looking to gain from the Kama sutra positions, it will help to understand the aim of the intercourse techniques in question. These are several anal sex positions also that can be adopted to add variety and flavor to ones sex life.

Following a mundane routine can get boring for almost anyone, and it is no different when it comes into the bedroom. Adopting the different intercourse positions explained in the Kama sutra will help tremendously in breaking away from a boring and non exciting sex life.

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