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Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is a massage type, performed with erotic purposes or as a sexual dysfunction therapy.
Romantic massage is one of the best ways to create intimacy within your couple. Giving a sensual massage comes natural and is not hard. But if you know a few tricks and follow some basic rules, your romantic massage will be a guaranteed success.

Massage Oil Candle
Massage Candle What is a massage oil candle?
It is a candle made from a combination of massage oils and a cosmetic wax. The magic combination of the ingredients makes the candle easy to use for lighting it to create a romantic atmosphere, use the liquid oil after it burned a while to give a romantic massage, or to use it cold as a more dense massage oil.
Its low burning point makes it easy to use right after you extinguished the flame. The wax that makes it solidify is a great quality cosmetic wax.

Erotic Massage Types
The sensual massage is practiced mostly by couples, but there are massage parlors, some of them at the border of law, that offer erotic massage as a service. An erotic massage is usually conducted without the draping.

Erogenous zones of the body which are normally not handled in therapeutic massage, will be touched in such manner that increase sexual stimulation. When used as a sex therapy Erotic massage focuses to increase the libido, to treat premature ejaculation, or to treat frigidity, (in combination with psychological treatment). However the objective of Erotic Massage is not necessarily the release. Its objective is to increase the sexual energy with the intention of preparing the subject for a high quality sexual contact.
The erotic massage is also known as Tantra Massage in the Indian culture.

Many people consider different types of massage more erotically charged than other. Some people think that feet massage is highly erotic while other consider head massage as a sensual massage. However most people think that a full body massage is the best way to create intimacy. These are little variations on the same theme. The fact is that massage acts in many more ways than stimulation of erogenous zones in order to create the perfect mood.

Erotic Massage is a great way to improve sexual life and health.

There are two distinct types of erotic massage, classifying by the desired effect:
Therapeutic erotic massage - which has as objective the treatment of a sexual dysfunction;
Recreational erotic massage - has as objective to create intimacy between two persons.

Sensual Massage Video

How to Give the Perfect Sensual Massage
Any type of massage is a great way to increase your sexual experience. Follow a few rules to ensure the success of your next intimate massage.

The strokes need to be performed in a slower motion than any other massage type. The moves will also be applied with low pressure.
The erogenous zones are left for the end of the session, unless there is a special request.
When you decide to start touching sensitive areas, do it in a progressive manner. Start with slight progressions onto the these zones and then move on with bolder moves.
Count for a minimum of 15 minutes for the sensual massage. The key is to not skim through the massage.
Massage helps the release of endorphins helping us to relax, hence creating an enhanced sensual disposition. Let the sexual energy build up and consider the massage as a foreplay before making any bolder moves.
Read your partner’s body language to see when is the time for the next move. Be patient.

Sensual Massage Video Tutorial
Learn How to Give a Sensual MassageA great video massage tutorial explaining in details how to give a sensual massage to your loved one. Beautiful models, great tips for beginners and advanced massage givers, and a lot of nice massage techniques to help you create a wonderful evening. If you want your sensual massage to be perfect you need to know how to do it. This sensual massage video tutorial is the perfect way to learn the art of massaging for couples.

Use Massage Oil
The Best Oil for an Intimate Massage
What is the best massage oil for an erotic massage? There are a few attributes that you need to look for when you buy you massage oil, or when you make your own blend. You massage oil needs to:
Smell good,
To be easily absorbed into the skin
Have therapeutic properties, such as to promote relaxation, have aphrodisiac properties, and be gentle on the skin
To be less greasy than your average massage oil

Neutrogena Body Oil
An excellent body massage oil, very light, providing a great glide.
It is also a good moisturizer.

Massage Oils and Intimate Body Parts
The massage oils are most of the time created for solely external massage, and contain essential oils with aphrodisiac powers, which will set the right mood, but these are not meant for lubricating your genitalia. The essential oils in the composition make it sting like hell if applied down there. Don't ruin your evening by ignoring this important tip. The intercourse lubricant is more neutral and mild for these sensitive areas.

Id Lubes Glide
Personal Lubricant
I-D Glide, 5.5-Ounce Bottle Long lasting, very smooth, it is water-based and water soluble, non staining and fragrance free and unflavored. This personal lubricant replicates the body's natural lubrication, making it ideal for anyone with insufficient lubrication.

More Tips For the Best Sensual Massage

The use of massage oil or another massage lubricant is a definite. Choose wisely your massage oil.
If you are not decided yet between lotion and massage oil, here are some hints: massage oil is more liquid, hence bears less control over the spills, lotion is thicker. Massage oils will contain more sensual and aphrodisiac essential oils to enhance the experience.
Take your time with the massage and don't rush through. The massage will relax your partner and will get him or her in the mood.
Many people think that massaging a certain part of the body will get them faster results. This is not the case, you need to work on the entire body to get the best results.
Sensual massage uses about the same techniques as a Swedish massage session, the difference is the speed and the pressure. Any move for a sensual massage is done in a slower motion than a regular massage.
The perfect techniques for a romantic massage are the effleurage, and the nerve strokes. We can also use with great success the light petrissage,(kneading), which will help the muscles to relax.

The perfect Sensual Massage Techniques

These techniques are perfect for both male and female subjects, as they operate on common zones. No mater the sexual orientation of the person massaged, or the gender, the techniques will work.

Start with a neutral zone, the best is an area that is tense very often. I suggest starting with the shoulders, but feet or arms can be as well good candidates. Grasp with your palm the muscle and gently squeeze it. DO NOT use you thumbs while massaging the shoulders. This is a very common mistake for beginners. The palm and the other four fingers should do a great job taking the stress away.
Run your thumbs along the spinal column making sure you cover the whole length from bottom to neck. The movement of the two thumbs can be in sync or you can do an alternating movement, for a special effect. This will relax muscles along the spine. This technique is extremely efficient for relaxation and setting the mood as it is a very innervated area. For bigger bodies you can use your elbows. Make sure you use plenty of massage oil, as your thumbs or elbows need to glide perfectly on the skin.
On the upper part of the glutes, on the median line, there is a notch, a less muscular area. Do a light circular movement, using your palms, or the heel of the palm on these spots. This has strong vitality booster, increasing the sexual energy of the person massaged. Massaging the buttocks is very sensual anyway, but this technique is one of the most effective ones.
Perform a medium pressure effleurage on the back using plenty of massage oil. The pace should be very slow as you would like to make sure every inch gets enough of attention. The palms need to glide flat on the back starting from the lower back, finishing up to the shoulders. Finish the glide with a slight squeeze of the shoulder. Make sure you cover the whole back.

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