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Woman Intercourse Information

Women intercourse often takes a back seat since men are much quicker to experience an orgasm. However, these days’ men and women both are much more aware of the fact that both partners must have a good time, rather than just one. It comes as no surprise then that the ladies prefer dating a man who knows how to excite them in bed and is not only looking for his own personal gratification. Men on the other hand also seem keen to satisfy women since they feel it adds tremendously to the pleasures associated with the act. However, pleasing women does not come naturally to all men and it is no surprise then that many men want to learn about how to tickle a woman’s sexual senses. While no two women are the same in bed, there are a few rules that help understand how to go about exciting your woman and helping her enjoy intercourse and climax as well.

Women in intercourse mode are looking for a fair amount of fore play. While men can skip foreplay completely too if need be, women however, require it much more severely. This foreplay usually involves attention being given to their breasts, necking and even oral sex. Some woman may also like the men to use their fingers in order to stimulate and excite her vaginal juices in order to get her closer to an orgasm. Using props and gadgets is also known to help with some ladies who respond rather well to the vibrations of these machines. The strategy that will work with a certain lady will depend solely on her personal preferences and these can change from time to time too.

Intercourse for women can sometimes be a painful affair. Here using options like lubrication creams and gels will help to solve the problem. Also keep in mind that sometimes the pain may be due to an internal injury and one must rule out this option before attempting penetration. Sometimes the woman is just not wet enough for entry and the need here is to stimulate and excite her further.

Woman intercourse need not necessarily follow the vaginal entry approach. Many woman like to have anal sex too. Again here some lubricant is preferred since the anus does not have much juices of its own and entry can be pretty rough if the anus is dry. Also remember that wearing a condom will work rather well here since it slides in smoothly.

As important as it is to earn about the various pleasures of sex l, it is also as imperative to gain knowledge about the various diseases that can spread through sex and how one can guard against them. So irrespective of the women intercourse techniques that you do finally choose, keep these tips in mind in order to have satisfying yet safe sex.

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