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The Art Of Erotic Massage; Make Her Beg You For Sex

As all of you know I never have a guest poster on the blog but today I just could not resist.
A friend of mines girlfriend thought that this would be an awesome blog for all the men and women.
So she took the time to write this up for all of you.
So straight from her mouth to all of you here is the unknown massage therapist.
Thanks David and hello all of his readers.
Here is how to give an amazing erotic massage that will drive her crazy.
The only thing that tops a massage is an EROTIC sensual massage, and that is where we are going to go with this today. Erotic pleasure brought on by the sensations one feels when their skin is center focus. Your skin is the largest organ of the body with thousands of nerve endings and the touch stimulates all of your senses.
Before we get into the steamy specifics there are some important things that need to be tended to. I will keep the details short and to the point on this part?:
#1. Please make sure your nails have no jagged edges that can ruin your efforts to please.
#2. Have your massage oil warming in a warm bowl of water so it is a pleasurable sensation (Oil is a MUST for a great massage. Water based oils are preferred, containing NO Nonoxynol-9 which can be an irritant to the skin). Keep it close by at all times because you will need it for continual lubrication for a smooth massage.
#3. You may want some “edible” oil for later on your tongue can work massaging erogenous zones.
#4. When you are giving a massage of any type, IMPORTANT: NEVER break contact with your partner’s skin. Once you have started the massage, keep that connection with your partner at all times.
#5. Create a sensual environment from the start. Light some candles, maybe some erotic incense of your choice or some Lavender oil heating in a burner (very sensuous and very relaxing).
#6. Turn the phone off. Draw the blinds. Lock the door. NO DISTRACTIONS!
#7. Last but surely not least – MUSIC! You can purchase soothing spa CDs at any music store. Try to make sure it will continually play. You certainly don’t want to have to get up to take care of the music flaws.
#8. TAKE YOUR TIME and BE GENTLE! So important! This is meant to be a slow process that builds into such uncontrollable sexual desire for both of you the end result will leave you both breathless.
#9. You should both have a glass of water, wine, or something sweet to sip.
Lets get started shall we?
Men, your first task is to have your partner strip to her birthday suit. Have her lay on the floor face down. Put a soft blanket down. You need to be able to eventually reach every part of her body without effort. Place a sheet over her back. It is very sensual as you move down in the massage, to slide the sheet down as you work your way down. NO body part will be left untouched.
Now, take your warm oil and oil yourself up to begin with, where she can watch! You will be using your hands yes, but you will be wanting your arms and chest oiled up nicely. That alone is a turn on, so you are off to a great start only to get better as you go!
Take a good amount of oil in your hands. Rub them together to further warm it. Gently, start by gliding with smooth strokes using your whole hand, over the neck and shoulders, down and up the arms. Make your movements rhythmic in motion working together in a continual synchronization. Remember not to lose contact at any time.
Work your way down the back, now moving into longer deeper strokes. Continue this method using you body for pressure and not the strength of your sexy arms we love to see all oiled up! Lightly press your chest up against her back, letting other parts of your body lightly skim against her.
The sensations of your skin brushing against her are so stimulating! Kiss her jaw lightly then her neck working down her back soft and slow. You can lick the lower back in circular motion, moving up a you lightly breath your warm breath up her spine until you get to her ear lobe where you can kiss lightly to drive her wild.
By this time, I guarantee she is HOT and you are getting there if you haven’t gotten to that point yet. Haven’t lost contact yet have you? Nice!! Move back down, only now you are massaging her butt. Make sure her legs are open where you can lightly skim up and down her inner thighs. You want her squirming? Inner thighs touched sensuously will cause just that reaction. It is an involuntarily reaction of pure pleasure and stimulation!
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Time to roll her over onto her back. Make sure you keep a hand on her. Is the oil plentiful? If not, grab it with one hand and lubricate her chest in between her breasts. Gently massage her shoulders working down her arms and back up. Skim over her breasts with the palm of you hand only with plenty of oil. You can stop there for a few circular motions over her already erect nipples.
Does she love it? Move on then.
OOHH why did you leave there! Now is when she is feeling sensations in her nipples that are dying for stimulation, as well as her vaginal area. It is feeling hot, certainly wet and yearning for you to penetrate at this point, BUT not quite yet. She is more than likely breathing hard and gasping every time you kiss her stomach down to her inner thighs. Now you should know where that G-Spot is—yes?
Good, because while you have her leg up on your shoulder kissing the inner thigh, you are going to massage the outer lips of her vagina—lightly skimming. Go in and gently massage her G-spot. Now, whew it is almost more than a woman can bear! Find just the hood of her clit and GENTLY move it side to side.
Experiment and watch her reactions as to where and how what you are doing is working. When you get that gasp of pleasure, stay there for awhile. Glide that other hand up to stimulate her nipples that are SOOOO in need of attention.
By now she NEEDS and WANTS and HAS TO HAVE the feeling of your erection. Just tease in and out a LITTLE in and out. Okay! Enough! Please take her hips and turn her over on her knees. Kiss her back, and fondle her nipple as you enter her vagina slowly. Keep teasing.
Right now, you are hitting that G-spot again with your penis as long as you don’t go too far in. OKAY! No more teasing! You should know how to take it from here…
Alright, so now I gave you these tips, but here’s the deal:
Most men screw up somewhere from point one to point nine. Don’t be that guy.

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