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Tantra Techniques

Step into the magical world of Tantric rituals and discover infinite pleasure and endless possibilities. Tantric massage is not necessarily new in London, but the experience we at Infinity Moment brings is unlike any Tantric ritual you have experienced before. We strive in providing our clients with nothing short of the ultimate pleasure; we make every Tantric massage session as good as it can possibly be. Tantric Massage: A Tremendous Set of Tantric Rituals Tantric massage is a set of rituals based on the principles of Tantra. It treats the body and soul as a whole, bringing those who practice it a truly holistic experience. Tantric massage is very sensual, but it does not try to be overly vulgar or sexual. Enter a Tantric massage session with an open mind and you will enjoy a series of sensations you can never get from other massage treatments. Our trained Tantric goddesses are blessed with the ability to recognize pressure points that can bring the most benefits and pleasure. Tantra itself has been around for thousands of years. It is an ever-expanding art of creating harmony and balance within one’s body through simple rituals. Aside from Tantric massage, rituals such as Yoga are also based on the principles of Tantra. Elements of Tantric Massage In order to fathom the true benefits of this Tantric ritual, we must first take a closer look at the elements of Tantric massage. Tantric massage incorporates four major elements, which are: Touches To Target Points Our Tantric goddesses use more than just their fingers to stimulate target points across your body. They may also use the soft skin of their bare body during certain types of Tantric massage treatments. Positive Energy Since Tantric massage is designed to treat the body and soul as a whole, transfer of positive, healing energy is also part of the experience. The more you get used to Tantric massage treatments, the more you can feel as the Tantric goddess’s healing energy rushes into your body. Sensuality Tantric massage is sensual by nature. Its sensual aura allows you and the Tantric goddess catering to your every need during the session to connect on a much deeper spiritual level. Once the connection is established, you can reach an entirely new level of relaxation and enjoy your Tantric massage treatment even more. Ambience & Ointment The use of aromatherapy oil, the ambience of the Tantric temple and other parts of the session are all designed specifically to enhance the benefits of Tantric massage. Tantric massage is designed to be interactive; the whole experience affects all parties involved. You will be learning more about Tantric breathing techniques and the general principles of Tantra as part of your session. The knowledge can be used to enhance the benefits of Tantric massage even beyond the boundaries of your session. These four elements combined with the interactive nature of Tantric massage makes the treatment highly enjoyable and superbly rewarding. You will have to give it a try to fully experience infinite pleasure. The Treatment Now, let’s take a closer look at what actually happens during a Tantric massage session, shall we? The session starts with a relaxing warm bath. You can incorporate Tantric bathing ritual and full body worship into your Tantric massage session in order to make the experience even more enjoyable. A Tantric goddess of your choice will guide you through every step of the sensual bathing ritual. Once you are fully relaxed, you will be asked to lay comfortably on the massage table or bed – whichever you are comfortable with the most and depending on the venue you selected when booking the massage session. The Tantric goddess will perform a series of soft touches and stimulate target points across your body. This is known as the basic Tantric massage. Alternatively, you can also have the goddess uses her bare body to perform the stimulations. Known as the body-to-body Tantric massage, this treatment is immensely sensual and brings even more benefits to those who enjoy it. You will be able to feel your body and mind slipping into a bliss; you are in a truly relaxed state at this point, which means your body and mind can accept all the stimulations your Tantric goddess delivers. There are a selection of treatments you can add to the massage session. They are: Lingam or Yoni Massage As the names suggest, Lingam massage targets Lingam (penis) intensively while Yoni massage focuses on Yoni (vagina); naturally, the later is for female customers. Lingam and Yoni massage treatments bring more than just relaxing and sensual sensations. They carry with them a lot of benefits, particularly to your sexual energy and capability. The treatments are also suitable for treating sexual-related problems, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Prostate Massage Prostate massage treats the male prostate gland directly. The massage treatment may appear to be rather uncomfortable at first, but our Tantric goddesses are trained to make our prostate massage sessions as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Stimulating the prostate gland directly brings explosive sensations you will certainly enjoy. Known also as the male G-spot, the prostate gland is where a lot of nerve endings are located. Conclude the session with a few minutes of relaxation before taking another warm bath. Let the Tantric goddess accompany you, washes every part of your body and release any remaining negative energy within you. At the end of the session, you will feel truly refreshed and very energized. Benefits of Tantric Massage Now, the most important part of them all: benefits of Tantric massage. We’ve mentioned how Tantric massage can bring a lot of benefits to those who enjoy it. What are those benefits? Provides a way to relax. You can feel it as your body and mind go into a deep state of relaxation. The more you relax, the faster your body can regenerate. This is part of the reasons why you always feel refreshed at the end of a Tantric massage session. The healing properties of Tantric stimulations help cure various illness, including severe heart problems and prostrate cancer. Tantric massage is the perfect therapy for treating psychological problems. It can help cure anything from minor stress to severe depression. The therapy also helps you get in touch with your inner self. At a much more balanced state, you can focus better, perform better cognitively and achieve greater things in life. Let’s not forget that Tantric massage is also perfect for improving one’s sexual energy and performance. The advanced treatments – i.e. Lingam massage – focuses more on enhancing your ability to control your sexual energy. Reaches full-body orgasm, the ultimate form of orgasm. If your goal is to experience infinite pleasure, Tantric massage is definitely the treatment for you. There are still quite a lot of benefits to be enjoyed from Tantric massage. All you need to do is book a session and have the best time of your life with us, Infinity Moment. To book a massage session, contact our customer representative. We maintain our clients’ privacy with the highest regard so you don’t need to worry. In- and out-call massage services are also available; ask our customer representative officer for more details.

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